Scholarship Information

HAMPTON UNIVERSITY is pleased to recognize outstanding academic achievement by offering merit based scholarships to first-time freshmen. The selection process is extremely competitive and students who submit a completed admission application packets by the Early Action deadline (November 15) are automatically considered for merit awards. A separate scholarship application form is NOT required for consideration of an award. To be considered for a merit based scholarship, students must have a minimum 3.30 (unweighted) cumulative grade point average.  A minimum 1000 SAT (EBR & M), or an ACT Composite score of 22 is also required. Students who apply using the Test Optional Policy are NOT eligible for merit based scholarships. Official scholarship offers are communicated to the recipient via written correspondence only, and are mailed separately from the offer of admission.  Scholarship offer letters are typically mailed in late December.


Merit Scholarships can range from $5,000 -$25,000 per academic year.  These generous award amounts are designed to provide many awards to a vast number of our students, as opposed to awarding a few large amounts to a smaller population.  Hence, the University no longer has scholarships that are named Trustee, Presidential, etc.  The deciding factor in the award amount is based largely on the standardized test score, as this puts all applicants on a level playing field.  Students may submit test scores for scholarship consideration throughout the academic year.  Offers will be made as long as funds are available.  Merit based scholarships awarded to entering freshmen are renewable for three consecutive years beyond the first year, provided the student attains a cumulative 3.30 grade point average by the end of the spring semester each academic year.


The Character Scholarship was created to recognize students who have demonstrated good character traits. Hampton University is now awarding 100 first-time freshman students a $10,000 renewable scholarship. Admitted freshmen students may submit an essay on the topic: How I Have Demonstrated Excellence in Character. Applicants must also submit a letter of recommendation from a teacher or guidance counselor that addresses the student's demonstrated character.  To apply for the Character Scholarship submit the above credentials to: Only students who submit credentials via this email address will be considered for the award.  

Room Scholarships are offered to admitted students not previously offered scholarships in the amount of $10,000 or higher.  The award covers the cost of housing for all residence halls with the exception of James Hall Suites, Virginia Cleveland Suites and Orchard Hall.   Students who commit to attending by March 1st of each year receive the highest consideration for the Room Scholarship.  Interested students may contact the Office of Admission for additional information.

The Legacy Scholarship is awarded to students who are direct descendants of Hampton University Alumni.  Admitted students who have parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents who attended Hampton University will receive a scholarship in the amount of $1000.  This award is renewable for 3 additional years provided the student maintains a 3.0 cumulative grade point average.  Please contact the Office of Admission for information on applying for this award.


Additional Information

The total financial package for students who receive scholarships through the Office of Admission, the Athletic Department, and/or Academic Departments, regardless of source, cannot exceed the direct cost (tuition, fees, room and board) of education at the University. Sources of gift aid include grants, scholarships, stipends and other assistance. In such cases, the scholarship award will be reduced appropriately. All scholarship recipients are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid(FAFSA) application and apply for financial aid each academic year. For specific information on need-based aid, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia 23668. Students awarded scholarships must accept or reject the awards within the specified time allocated at the time of the offer. Failure to adhere to the required response time will result in an automatic cancellation of the scholarship offer.